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NAFOPHANU is the national umbrella organization for People living with HIV (PLHIV) in Uganda established in May 2003 to coordinate networks of PLHIV. We do advocacy to ensure that People Living with HIV live a quality and productive life in a sustainable manner.


The role of PLHIV in the national HIV&AIDS response is crucial in HIV prevention.


We have embraced approaches like community engagement and mobilization, advocacy, capacity building, livelihood support, ensuring universal access to treatment, influencing policy development and evaluation among others.


NAFOPHANU plays this vital role in partnership with other key sector players such as the Central Government, Development Partners, Civil Society, District Local Governments, Community and the Private sector.


Membership is to organized groups of PLHIV that form District Forums and National networks. Currently, we have 110 district forums and 13 national networks.


People living with HIV able to live a quality and productive life in a sustainable manner.


To spearhead and coordinate the efforts of PLHIV constituency to live productive lives and effectively contribute to the national HIV&AIDS response.


To mobilize, support and coordinate the networks of PLHIV for effective service delivery.



The constituency of People Living with HIV is against the recommendation made by the Parliamentary Budget Committee to dissolve the Uganda AIDS Commission and to subsume it under the AIDS Control Programme of the Ministry of Health.

Click here for Press Statement of PLHIV on Uganda AIDS Commission Dissolution


The 90x90x90 UNAIDS targets Campaign was launched by NAFOPHANU and the entire PLHIV constituency in Uganda.

 PLHIV Press Statement during the launch of the 90x90x90 Targets Campaign


NAFOPHANU in partnership with SALT introduced a toll free line for HIV/AIDS support and counseling.
Please call toll free on: 0800100330. Remember HIV/AIDS and TB are preventable and Manageable.

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‘Together for a positive difference’