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Towards an AIDS free generation- (TAFU)


Project Title: Towards an AIDS free generation


Funder: STOP AIDS NOW! Netherlands


Overall Goal: To reduce the number of new HIV infections among infants and increase the number of HIV-positive children on treatment in the target districts in Uganda.


Specific Objectives:

  • To improve uptake and retention of HIV-positive mothers and exposed infants in Prevention-Mother-to-Child-Transmission-care;
  • To increase the number of children tested (both infants and children up to 14 years);
  • To increase access to and retention in life-long care and treatment for HIV-positive children.


Expected Outcomes

  • Outcome A: 10,500 families in the target districts are socially and economically empowered to support their related HIV positive mothers and/or children in take up and retention in PMTCT and paediatric HIV care, by June 2018
  • Outcome B: Communities in the 15 target districts being knowlegable  of the specific needs of children living with HIV and mobilized to support the target families, by June 2018.
  • Outcome C:Improved systems for tracing, referral and follow-up of (pregnant) HIV positive women ánd HIV positive children  by Village Health Teams and Health Care Workers at lowest levels of the health care system (involving 45 Health Centres) in the target districts, by June 2018
  • Outcome D:Needs and challenges of children exposed to and living with HIV are echoed by all stakeholders at community, district, regional and national level to ensure MoH-targets on paediatric HIV will be met.
  • Outcome E: Evidence and interest is built to upscale this approach.


Multiplier Effect

The programme targets 10,500 households and 30,000 children directly with the integrated approach. Through evidence-based advocacy work, we aim for changes in policies and programmes of the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders that will lead to improved access to ART for all 176,000 children living with HIV in Uganda. The lessons learnt in the project will be shared with international stakeholders, thus facilitating better access to ART for many more children living with HIV worldwide.


Areas / Districts of operation

  • Northern Region: Moroto, Napak, Kitgum, Gulu, Amuru districts
  • Eastern Region: Serere, Amuria, Katakwi
  • Central region: Mubende and Mitiyana districts
  • Western Region: Rukungiri, Kabale