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NAFOPHANU is the national umbrella organization for People living with HIV (PLHIV) in Uganda established in May 2003 to coordinate networks of PLHIV.

We are a national Non-Government Organization (NGO) whose mandate is; Advocacy, Resource mobilization, Partnerships building and Information sharing.


The PLHIV networks under NAFOPHANU are made up of community members who have organized themselves to access services and provide peer support to each other. A number of organized groups receive funding from NAFOPHANU using a sub-granting system for Advocacy, Income Generation, Sharing information and community engagement in HIV prevention and Psycho-social support. The organization and its partners have built the capacity of network members to be able to demand for and access information and services as well as leading responsible lives to avoid re/co-infection.


Core Values:

  • Positive Living
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Affirmative Action
  • Team work


To fulfill her Mandate, we work in partnership with other key sector players such as Government, Development Partners, Civil Society Organizations, People Living with HIV, the private sector and the community atlarge.


Membership is to organized groups of PLHIV that form District Forums and National networks. Currently, there are 110 district forums and 12 national networks.
‘Together for a positive difference’


People living with HIV able to live a quality and productive life in a sustainable manner.


To spearhead and coordinate the efforts of PLHIV constituency to live productive lives and effectively contribute to the national HIV&AIDS response.


To mobilize, support and coordinate the networks of PLHIV for effective service delivery.